Students Have to Travel Sometime!

You’re on the phone with your parents one day, and your dad asks you how you’re getting home for Thanksgiving break. “I didn’t even think about it” is your reply. “Well, you better think fast!” Your dad jokes. More and more people are bringing a vehicle with them to school as early as their freshman year. But what if you’re one that has to use alternate forms of transportation to get home for short breaks? Here are some tips for traveling home.

Get a ISIC card. An International Student Identity Card (ISIC) has an annual cost, but gives you all sorts of discounts for travel (and other miscellaneous items and services). You can use it for on time car service Brooklyn NY and other various things that you may want to utilize in order to get from place to place.

Up, up, and away. Now, this isn’t viable for people who only live a couple hours from home. But what if you went to school anywhere from 10 to 24 hours away (when driving)? Then flying is a great option! Many websites can help you find cheap rates. Also, many airlines offer special discounts and programs for college kids on their websites.

Go on the Train. Amtrak is an inexpensive and fun way to travel. Trains offer a variety of experiences and guess what? Amtrak offers a student discount program as well. You just need to make sure that you check things out and find whatever it is that you may need to make it work in your favor.

Carpooling. Always a fun option. If you’ve got friends from your hometown, or somewhere nearby, it’s always easy to ask them for a ride and offer them some gas money. That can be a huge time and money saver for you and your family.

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